Tennis Assessment

For your free assessment, please answer all of the questions below:


1.Did you play tennis often as a child?
2.Did you play tennis on your high-school team?
3.Did you play tennis on your college team?
4.Do you currently play tennis more than ten times per year?
5.Do you prefer to play doubles instead of singles?
6.If you won the lottery, would you buy your own tennis court?
7.Have you ever played tennis with someone as part of a date?
8.Have ever paid cash or favors to anyone to play tennis with you (not as part of a lesson)?
9.Have you ever lied to get out of having to play tennis with someone?
10.Do you often utter profanities when you screw up while playing tennis?
11.Have you ever lost your temper and gotten really angry during a game of tennis?
12.Have you ever hit someone with a tennis racket in anger?
13.When the weather is good and the Sun is shining, do you often go play tennis on the spur of the moment?
14.Do you often worry about not having enough time to play tennis?
15.Have you ever skipped work to play tennis?
16.Do you make a point of announcing the score before you serve?
17.If you see that your opponent is not announcing the score before they serve, do you generally do it for them?
18.Do you have a two-handed backhand?
19.Do you have a two-handed forehand?
20.Have you ever played tennis with a ball that was not predominantly yellow?
21.Is tennis your favorite sport to play?
22.Is tennis your favorite sport to watch?
23.Do you prefer to play on a clay court?
24.If the weather is okay, would you still prefer to play on an indoor court?
25.Have you ever been to a party where tennis was the primary social activity?
26.Does your racket have an oversized head?
27.Do other people think of you as being an active tennis player in the community?
28.Have you ever played tennis during a company picnic?
29.Do you make a point of telling your friends and family outside of tennis the results of your playing?
30.Do you sometimes lie to friends and family about how well you did playing tennis against someone that they don’t know?
31.Have you ever missed work due to being overtired or injured from playing tennis?
32.Would people say that your serve is one of the better parts of your game?
33.Are you predominantly a baseline player?
34.Do you often bring your tennis racket with you on vacations?
35.Is your current racket more than one-year old?
36.Do you see yourself playing tennis frequently into your old age?
37.Have you played tennis with more than half of your close friends?
38.Have you ever played tennis in the rain?
39.Do you often hit with a ball machine?
40.Are you a member of a club that has tennis courts?
41.Can you recall any dreams during which you were playing tennis?
42.Have you ever been late for an appointment because of playing tennis?
43.Do you recall ever having a nightmare involving tennis?
44.Have you ever bought a tennis racket for someone as a gift?
45.Have you ever had to see a doctor due to a tennis injury?
46.Have you ever intentionally let someone beat you at a game of tennis?
47.Have you ever called a ball “out” that you knew was good?
48.Have you ever attended either the US Open or Wimbledon?
49.Is tennis an integral part of your exercise discipline?
50.Have you ever cried after losing a tennis match?
51.Have you ever had an opponent cry after losing a tennis match to you?
52.Do you feel that you are a superior tennis player?
53.Would people say that you are known for good sportsmanship?
54.Do you usually drink a sports drink during a game of tennis?
55.Have you ever played tennis for more than three hours straight?
56.Have you ever played tennis when it was too dark to be playing?
57.Do you own more than two tennis rackets?

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